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Saturday, April 30, 2005

I got my fathers stamp collection.

After a runaround you would not believe, on Friday I collected my fathers stamp collection from the Jacksonville airport. When the dust had settled, it cost me $800 to spring the five boxes from the clutches of the air cargo warehouse.

So what now. I am going to have to recover some of the cost because I am just about skint, so I have decided to create a website which I will try and integrate into the MPAM program of niche-sites. The MPAM link to their section on stamp collecting is:


When I am done I plan to have a website at http://www.MikesLastStand.net which will be standalone for stamps probably somthing like http://www.mikeslaststand.net/stamps/default.htm. In the website I intend to concentrate on southern african stamps and will offer the surplus from my own and my dads collections . Give me a week or so and something will be up. In the meantime if anyone is out there listening and wants some prepublication information please email me at mike3602stamps@yahoo.com and i will get back to you.

Till next time:

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Letter to my brother Bill

A couple of weeks ago brother Bill asked me to explain what I was spending all my spare time on the internet. This letter is the response. As I think some others of you may be interested, I have taken the liberty of copying this to you. The simple fact is I am trying to structure an internet based Multi Level Marketing business based on “multiple streams of income.

The best example of the way the system works is the Discount Home Shopping Club, DHS club for short.

I joined this operation only fairly recently, and like it a lot! It seems to me a no lose kind of deal. What it is is a bonus miles kind of program. You join, spend money at all sorts of online outlets like Amazon, Best Buy etc, and earn rewards. The trick here though is if you get other members to join, you get a share of their rewards. It has three membership levels, shopper (totally free, get no benefit from any referrals), associate (totally free and you get a share of your referrals spending, but you have to put up with a bunch of emails from them asking you to upgrade) and VIP (get the best deal all round but with a monthly fee.

To take a look go to http://www.clubshop.com/cgi-bin/members/MA3263316 (I hope some of you will sign up because I need members, and I promise you it will cost nothing, and you will get rewards if you shop online.)

Another program I like is http://allsolutionsnetwork.com/MA3/ also because it is totally free. The website here just links to all sorts of services, and again, if you use these you get a commission, but similarly, if you build up a team of referrals you get a chunk of their purchases as well.

A really old program which has some merit is http://penny3602.freestoreclub.com/a_home.asp. Again you get a website with storefront from which you can buy wholesale, and you build up your team, and make money!

Now Bill asked me specifically about health supplements, and there is one program I have which has a store dealing precisely with that. This program is not free, you have to buy stuff, so I don’t like it very much, but if you are going to buy vitamins and supplements and stuff, here is a way to get into a program and earn. https://www.ezinfocenter.com/8598484/Department.vstore?id=34

If you buy something from that website, I get commission!!! (Available in Canada)

So there is lots else. I have a blog at http://mikeslaststand.blogspot.com/ which I update regularly giving all sorts of things I am up to. So that’s sort of it for now, go see and sign up for a few. It is best to give a free email address like Yahoo.com because you will get some spam!!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Effective use of Autosurfs.

One of the big mysteries of the internet is the question of how to effectively use the autosurf exchanges, and I dont mean the cash autsurfs which are a seperate issue. I use these exchanges a lot, but not because I expect to get real unique visitors, but because you can convert these autosurf visits into manual visits by an interestig technique.

I have set this process out in a fuller more detailed explanation on an autoresponder at visits4u@getresponse.com, but to summarise:

1. Sign up for Hitpulse.com at


2. sign up for a few good autosurf like Autosurf.dk (there is a list of those I use at the autoresponder) and set your referal page at Hitpulse, or any other manual exchange that gives you credits for showing your referal page, as your target URL.

3. Run your autosurfs as much and as often as you can. You will see you hitpoints at Hitpulse growing daily, and you can convert these to credits as you wish.

I use this method to get 1000's of hits every month, with little or no effort once the setup is done.

Please visit http://www.visits4u.cashhosters.com for more tips and some interesting programs for you to review.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I wrote this article, thought you may be interested!

I wrote this article and posted it on my website at:


Because it is so topical, and I think a great idea, I have posted it here as well!!

Mothers day is only a month away!!

A great idea for Mothers day: A special herb garden.

I have tried all sorts of ways to grow herbs for the kitchen, and it is a challenge when you don’t have a large productive garden to work with. However, I came across a great idea, which I tried myself, and it really does work.

It also makes a great gift, something which is personal, and says, “I took some trouble to give something really special.”

Way back when you must have seen those pots which look like Grecian urns but have little balcony like apertures on the sides, creatind an impression of a miniature apartment complex. They were popular for growing strawberries on patios. Well, you will find them at your favorite garden shop, (I always use Home Depot) for around $15.00-20.00. So, here is the thing, also in the same store you will find potted herbs. Get a variety that you know your Mom or other chosen recipient will like, fill the pot with really good potting soil, and plant the herbs all around the pot.

To give the pot some visual impact, chose three different colored lettuces for the large opening at the top, put mint, and time, both of which spread vigorously, at the lower levels, parsley and basil near the top, and wait.

The herbs love the environment, and grow well. If you get going right now, your portable herb garden will be ready to present on Mothers day, and the harvest of fresh flavors will be a constant reminder of a thoughtful giver.

For long term care, all herbs need good light, preferably nearly full sun, and do not like to be dry. The long pot needs a really thorough watering at least once a week, and the herbs like to be harvested, it encourages new growth of fresh tasty leaves.

Mike Anderson



A personal website detailing my attempts to

make a successful home business on the Web.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I have a new PRO FFA site

One of the things I have done this R&R, (I work half the week at a Downs Syndrome group home and am at home to do my web work only Sunday thru Wednesday noon) is upgrade my FFA site to Pro. I'm going to try for a few months and see if it is worth the money. It gives me about 60 email addresses every day and so far they seem pretty good, less than 5 rejected.

If you are interested, go look and post your link.


You can get a free site too, but then you dont get the email addresses.
I have yet to decide if it is worth the cost!

I also found a new safelist submitter which is totally web based. It is only $5 a month and they offer mailbox cleaning, which is worth that cost on its own!!! Go to


So my big trick on the next few weeks is to go FFA's and Safelists.

Lets see how that works!

Working hard to improve my websites!!

A webmasters work is never done. I have made quite a few improvement to Mikeslaststand.net and to Visits4u. I have been unable to solve the problem of wraparound on the google adds, so I elected to do what the guys at MPAM is a no no and used the 4 ad banner. It works so well, I think it is a vast improvement. I have to admit I have not yet had a hit on an ad, so only time will tell.

Se what you think, go to




and tell me what you think.

While at MLS.net click on "other opportunities", and see what I did there. That is a great improvement, particularly as the links now work.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I wrote another article!

I forgot to mention, I wrote another article which I published on my new website. You can go to it directly at


and click on "artilcles"

Mikeslaststand.net is up!!

Well I finally took the plunge and signed up for an executive membership in 3-step. I've been holding off for nearly a year, and I'm not sure what got me going finally, but I took the plunge. This meant I got a website hosting included, so what the heck!! Up went Mikeslaststand.net.


I think its my best website yet, but it still has some quirks.

My other site that is still under development is

http://www.visits4u.cashhosters.com and it still has major work to be done!!

The new site will be the main workhorse for the DHS club promotions.

Incidently my 3 step link is http://www.3step.com/cgi-bin/refer.cgi?6571

I hope all this begins to pay off soon!!!