Mikes Last Stand

Monday, March 28, 2005

GlobalNetVantage is back!

Would you believe, Globalnetvatage.com has reemerged, but no message as to what happened, and why they got lost. In the meantime I had to go through all my advertising to take them out, now I have to go back and put them back!!

Still, they have some good stuff, so it is worth persevering for a few months!


One of the worst parts about this interuption is that their program is largely based on FFA advertising and they use worldwidepromoter.com as their submission centre. You can save up to 30 profiles as a pro member, so deleting all those profiles when I thought Global had bit the dust was a big mistake!!!


Anyway world wide promoter does seem to be a great site.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

DHS shopping network is amazing!

After struggling with Penny's computer for yonks, we decided to get a laptop. This will be useful for our away stays, as penny will be able to access her email, and I may even be able to do some work.

So first we signed her up under me at


Then went thru her member portal to check out computers. There were over 20 online stores to check out, Best Buy, Compaq, Circuit city etc, and we checked pricing on them all. Eventually we went to Overstock.com.

Amazing how easy and efficient it all was.

An update on my article!!

Believe it or not, MPAM published my article right on the front page of HOME & GARDEN, so check it out at


A precautionary note!

Just a week ago I signed up for a new system called GlobalNetVantage.com. Would you know it, they are unknown on the web. My link was: http://www.globalnetvantage.com/ref-Penny3602/
The transient web. Buyer beware!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I went VIP at DHS yesterday.

I have decided to give some concentrated effort to the Discount Home Shopping network, and joined the organisation as a paid up member. I think its a great program because you can get in totally free, and earn rewards on almost all your online shopping and a lot of your offline purchases as well. If you are going to shop, why not get rewards. You can visit my recruiting website at: http://www.clubshop.com/cgi-bin/members/MA3263316 .

I will talk more about this later, but right now I have a few other things to do. We head back to Calcatraz (as Penny christened it) later today so we will be incommunicado for a few days.

See you then

I wrote and posted an article on the web today.

I am working hard on the MPAM 20 points to success and today I wrote an article which I published on the web. You can see it at


I hope it will also appear on MPAM in the near future. If it does I will give you that link.

Just incidently, excuse the website for now, it is still under construction. I use MSWORD as my editor, real easy!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Getting Started

I have been stuggling for a year to create an online business presence. I have had some success, and some failures. I decided to do this blog as a record of my attempt, so maybe some others will find some advice and avoid my pitfalls, and maybe give me some advice also.

I am going to come back to the story, but right now, I am in the process of creating my blog, and I am rather keen to see how it will look, so I will resstict my comments at this time to two of my websites. The first has the same name as this blog,


I signed up for this program six months ago and called it "an Internet Survivor's Guide." Over time I have had over fifty people sign up to my news letter there, and am beginning to get some sales.

The next website I want to mention is also my own,


Visits4u, as the name implies, was to tell people about a special process I had found which creates traffic to your website without you having to spend hours clicking. I have had many visitors, and know that at least a dozen souls tried my method. You can shortcut the website by sending an email to visits4u@getresponse.com and my autoresponder will send you a couple of emails telling you about the "secret" process.

This website is going to go through a metamorphis over the next day or so because my longest standing program, MPAM,


has come up with a new niche site program, and I am trying to set up to take advantage of it. As I progress, I will keep you all informed.