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Monday, April 18, 2005

Effective use of Autosurfs.

One of the big mysteries of the internet is the question of how to effectively use the autosurf exchanges, and I dont mean the cash autsurfs which are a seperate issue. I use these exchanges a lot, but not because I expect to get real unique visitors, but because you can convert these autosurf visits into manual visits by an interestig technique.

I have set this process out in a fuller more detailed explanation on an autoresponder at visits4u@getresponse.com, but to summarise:

1. Sign up for Hitpulse.com at


2. sign up for a few good autosurf like Autosurf.dk (there is a list of those I use at the autoresponder) and set your referal page at Hitpulse, or any other manual exchange that gives you credits for showing your referal page, as your target URL.

3. Run your autosurfs as much and as often as you can. You will see you hitpoints at Hitpulse growing daily, and you can convert these to credits as you wish.

I use this method to get 1000's of hits every month, with little or no effort once the setup is done.

Please visit http://www.visits4u.cashhosters.com for more tips and some interesting programs for you to review.


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