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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Blogging for cash.

The internet focus on Google Adwords is is not without cause. It does work. You can make an income by getting people to your site and have them click on an ad that is placed there. The advertiser then pays you.

So to keep your expenses down, use a free blog as your website.

The trick is content, and where do you get lots of quality content on all manner of subjects. One short answer Info- go- round. For little or NO cost you can get access to hundreds of private label articles - and IGR guarantees at LEAST 100 *new* articles everymonth! You could easily pay a ghost writer $10-25 for a SINGLE article, so clearly this is an unbelievable value! And how would you like to become an INSTANT author? All of IGR's articles are "private label", meaning you can sign YOUR name as author! Additionally, you can modify the articles, add to them, insert your own affiliate links... But perhaps the BEST part is that you can also add your "resource box" or "bylines" to the bottom of any IGR article, and then submit such articles to publishers and article directories to generate HUGEamounts of totally FREE traffic!... IGR's fully searchable (and browseable) article database covers over 40 of THE hottest niche topic categories online - something for everyone.


I have started a few single topic blogs rich in my target keywords and then I advertise some of my own pertinent links, and ad google adwords as a sweetener. If you haven’t signed up for google adwords try this link. googlesyndication.com

To check out some of my attempts, try these:

Good luck!