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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Letter to my brother Bill

A couple of weeks ago brother Bill asked me to explain what I was spending all my spare time on the internet. This letter is the response. As I think some others of you may be interested, I have taken the liberty of copying this to you. The simple fact is I am trying to structure an internet based Multi Level Marketing business based on “multiple streams of income.

The best example of the way the system works is the Discount Home Shopping Club, DHS club for short.

I joined this operation only fairly recently, and like it a lot! It seems to me a no lose kind of deal. What it is is a bonus miles kind of program. You join, spend money at all sorts of online outlets like Amazon, Best Buy etc, and earn rewards. The trick here though is if you get other members to join, you get a share of their rewards. It has three membership levels, shopper (totally free, get no benefit from any referrals), associate (totally free and you get a share of your referrals spending, but you have to put up with a bunch of emails from them asking you to upgrade) and VIP (get the best deal all round but with a monthly fee.

To take a look go to http://www.clubshop.com/cgi-bin/members/MA3263316 (I hope some of you will sign up because I need members, and I promise you it will cost nothing, and you will get rewards if you shop online.)

Another program I like is http://allsolutionsnetwork.com/MA3/ also because it is totally free. The website here just links to all sorts of services, and again, if you use these you get a commission, but similarly, if you build up a team of referrals you get a chunk of their purchases as well.

A really old program which has some merit is http://penny3602.freestoreclub.com/a_home.asp. Again you get a website with storefront from which you can buy wholesale, and you build up your team, and make money!

Now Bill asked me specifically about health supplements, and there is one program I have which has a store dealing precisely with that. This program is not free, you have to buy stuff, so I don’t like it very much, but if you are going to buy vitamins and supplements and stuff, here is a way to get into a program and earn. https://www.ezinfocenter.com/8598484/Department.vstore?id=34

If you buy something from that website, I get commission!!! (Available in Canada)

So there is lots else. I have a blog at http://mikeslaststand.blogspot.com/ which I update regularly giving all sorts of things I am up to. So that’s sort of it for now, go see and sign up for a few. It is best to give a free email address like Yahoo.com because you will get some spam!!


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