Mikes Last Stand

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bidvertiser is working great for me

I started putting Bidvertiser adverts on my websites only a couple of weeks ago. I had been a Google publisher for over a year until suddenly they chopped me off. Their vague reason was unauthorized clicks. After speaking with a number all my Associates I deduced that the reason for the cutoff was the fact that my website was on a number of hit exchanges. Now these were not autosurf exchanges, they were just a regular manual exchanges such as Clickaholics.com.

Anyway, this forced me to look for alternatives. I'm glad I did. I went to Bidvertiser. In less than two hours I had bidvertiser advertisements on my website, and the next day I put it up on my blog.

Just this morning I received an e-mail from Bidvertiser telling me there income labels was increasing and giving me links to the code for poor my websites. That kind of service I never got from Google.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sorry that Google cut me off, and I really think it is very unfair particularly as I had never taken a single dollar of my earnings from them. But at least I now know there is a world after Google.

Now Bidvertiser has affiliate program and I'm spreading the word. If you want to check them out click on the Button on the right.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A New Adwords Alternative

The Big GOOGLE got you! Well I found a new guy who does the same thing, and it is easier to use. Bidvertiser offers google like ads with no hassle. And if you want to change your format you do it at the bidvertiser site, you don't have to change your code. Just click the button "Monetise your site" in the right hand column.

Good luck!

A truly money making "Business"

This Blog is all about making a living on the internet, and yes it can be done. But if you think you can become rich overnight, forget it. The internet is just like any other business, it requires work, knowledge, application and, yes, even some investment.

I have been learning the skills necessary for over three years now and have learned a lot. Unfortunately there is still much more to discover. There is however one program that I have used for training which is also the program that makes me the best return, so I felt it deserved pride of place at the head of my site. The program is MPAM . I don't think the letters stand for anything anymore, but what they do mean now is three things

1. The best, most comprehensive training course available on the web.

2. A real business opportunity not based on MLM but on group buying power of advertising and the use of great knowledge and skill to make great returns; and

3. Real live mentors who can and will help you with every step.

I received an email the other day from a totally unrelated party.
MPAM is a complete package with all the lessons you will ever need
covering umpteen aspects of online marketing. It also includes the
ABC co-op for passive income. It is worth joining just for the ABC co-op alone
but there is so much more there! Please, get in there and join MPAM
and do the lessons! You will save a fortune on valuable lessons that
would otherwise cost you a bundle in various ebooks and such.
Plus you will be working with one of the best teams online.
MPAM stands head and shoulders above the competition; do yourself
a favour and get into it!”
The program is not free, but you can try it out for 30 days. (The money making business is not free either) Just so you get an idea, you pay $19.95 to be a member each month. I invested $400 in the advertising business and am currently receiving payouts of over $300 per month. OK, I am no a millionaire yet, but give it time.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Adwords and Surf exchanges.

You may not know this, but it's true. The big Google will terminate your account if you use surf exchanges. Seems a bit odd, all you are trying to do is get more people to view their ads and whamo, no appeal, you are gone. This is not a democratic thing. Maybe they are getting too powerful for their own good!!