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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I wrote this article, thought you may be interested!

I wrote this article and posted it on my website at:


Because it is so topical, and I think a great idea, I have posted it here as well!!

Mothers day is only a month away!!

A great idea for Mothers day: A special herb garden.

I have tried all sorts of ways to grow herbs for the kitchen, and it is a challenge when you don’t have a large productive garden to work with. However, I came across a great idea, which I tried myself, and it really does work.

It also makes a great gift, something which is personal, and says, “I took some trouble to give something really special.”

Way back when you must have seen those pots which look like Grecian urns but have little balcony like apertures on the sides, creatind an impression of a miniature apartment complex. They were popular for growing strawberries on patios. Well, you will find them at your favorite garden shop, (I always use Home Depot) for around $15.00-20.00. So, here is the thing, also in the same store you will find potted herbs. Get a variety that you know your Mom or other chosen recipient will like, fill the pot with really good potting soil, and plant the herbs all around the pot.

To give the pot some visual impact, chose three different colored lettuces for the large opening at the top, put mint, and time, both of which spread vigorously, at the lower levels, parsley and basil near the top, and wait.

The herbs love the environment, and grow well. If you get going right now, your portable herb garden will be ready to present on Mothers day, and the harvest of fresh flavors will be a constant reminder of a thoughtful giver.

For long term care, all herbs need good light, preferably nearly full sun, and do not like to be dry. The long pot needs a really thorough watering at least once a week, and the herbs like to be harvested, it encourages new growth of fresh tasty leaves.

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