Mikes Last Stand

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

This Blog business is going to change everything!

I enrolled at blogestates, I have two sites there. In a couple of weeks without any promotion on my part I have received over 1000 visits to those blogs.



There I pay $6 per month because the blogs are commercial, but I also will get commission in the event others sign up.

The point is that it is a very cheap way to host a website. I pay $30-40 for sites hosted elsewhere, and posting new stuff is a breeze.

If you are not doing it yet, better get in because this is where it is going to be!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Finally I am just about satisfied.

I have tried for weeks to fix my Visits4u website, and finally I think I have it right. Check it out, any comments would be welcome!


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A Review of Some Outstanding Traffic ExchangesViralVisitors.com

Traffic exchanges are the bread and butter of the internet affiliate program entrepreneur! And of course not all exchanges are the same.

Originally called “start exchanges” because the idea was every time you opened your browser you would be taken to a different website, they evolved into click for traffic exchanges, like Hitpulse.com and ViralVisitors.com . There are so many out there that webmasters needed a new differentiation, and have now begun to build in down line builders.

There are three of these new exchanges that are somewhat similar, but are really worthy of note. The first is 10khits4unow.com . This has a number of neat features. Firstly it provides a lead capture system, and we all need every lead we can get. It also allows you to set up campaigns which target a specific website, avoiding the waste of hits on a URL that is no longer in need of promotion. One great feature of this program is a specialist training program which is not free, but is excellent.

The second exchange I want to mention is Trafficrodeo.com . Similar in may respects to 10KHits, it goes further in the down line builder side of the business, with the unique feature that you can list all your own programs, and you are not forced to carry forward all of your sponsors URL’s for programs you haven’t joined. This feature is so good that 10Khits has provided a spot in their down line builder to pick up the Trafficrodeo page.

The last of the trio is Satintraffic2u.com . It is very similar to the previous two, and has most of the same features.

In summary, out of the myriad of traffic exchanges, these three stand out and are worthy of your attention. I give them all A+