Mikes Last Stand

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I decided to give Blogestates a try.

There is a lot good about this new blog host, but as is the norm with the promoter, they are very picky.

If you have commercial content you have to upgrade, and commercial content means a link to a commercial site. Pretty ridiculous on the web, particularly when they have links to all Doug’s programs right there on the standard setup. So it’s OK to advertise Doug’s programs, but not a personal website.

Anyhow, before I found out how ridiculous he was going to be I started work on my health and fitness blog titled Wellness Issues, at http://blogestates.com/blog/mike3602 I really want this new blog to succeed, so if it doesn’t work out here, I will move to http://www.Blogger.com who are much more co-operative.


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