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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Working hard on my new and updated website.

I have not got to posting in the last while because I have been working hard at my websites.

My stamp website has been the greatest challenge because there is so much data, and my computer does not seem able to handle it. So my wike Penny came uwith the idea to split it up. This I am now doing, and I got the South Africa section up prices last night. It is a bit bland, and I will have to brighten it up with some picture but I dont want to slow things down to much.

Take a look at http://www.mikeslaststand.net/Stamps/default.htm and see what you think.

While on the subject, there is a big change to http://www.mikeslaststand.net/
I have added a whole shopping section, which I think worked out pretty good.

Next weekend, I want to get some of my Rhodesia stamps up!

Till then, happy blogging.


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