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Monday, June 20, 2005

Overstock.com - A personal experience.

Just after I joined DHS the club, my wife's computer collapsed. It was old, so the collapse was not unexpected. We decided a new one was required, as she spends her life online sending emails to friends and relatives. We also decided it was time for a notebook, as we spend half the week away every week, and being able to access email from anywhere was a great attraction.

This was the perfect opportunity to test out the DHS network of vendors. We went to the

l, accessed through my member portal, clicked on computers and there was a list of twelve possible vendors. I tried six or seven with a simple click, found pricing and availability and quickly settled on Overstock.com

The price for my choice was $599.00 shipping was free, and it was in stock. Opening an account was a breeze, and in less than 15 minutes the order was placed. At the time I expected delivery in five to ten days, but when I checked my email looking for confirmation of my order, there it was, delivery expected three days.

And three days later, the computer arrived, with the only glich in the whole process. The package was shipped FEDEX and the delivery person came when we were not at home. He left my package at the door, albeit well hidden. No signature!!

I could not believe that!!

But there it was, I had my computer, received 1500 reward points, and got the best price I could find. Overall a most successful venture onto the web!!

See you next time

Mike Anderson




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