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Monday, March 21, 2005

Getting Started

I have been stuggling for a year to create an online business presence. I have had some success, and some failures. I decided to do this blog as a record of my attempt, so maybe some others will find some advice and avoid my pitfalls, and maybe give me some advice also.

I am going to come back to the story, but right now, I am in the process of creating my blog, and I am rather keen to see how it will look, so I will resstict my comments at this time to two of my websites. The first has the same name as this blog,


I signed up for this program six months ago and called it "an Internet Survivor's Guide." Over time I have had over fifty people sign up to my news letter there, and am beginning to get some sales.

The next website I want to mention is also my own,


Visits4u, as the name implies, was to tell people about a special process I had found which creates traffic to your website without you having to spend hours clicking. I have had many visitors, and know that at least a dozen souls tried my method. You can shortcut the website by sending an email to visits4u@getresponse.com and my autoresponder will send you a couple of emails telling you about the "secret" process.

This website is going to go through a metamorphis over the next day or so because my longest standing program, MPAM,


has come up with a new niche site program, and I am trying to set up to take advantage of it. As I progress, I will keep you all informed.


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