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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You want to make money on the Internet

I started trying to create an Internet business nearly 3 years ago now and yes, I have made some money, not a lot but it's growing. In that three year period learned a number of very important things and these I want to share with you:

Firstly, you will not make $10,000 in the next 30 days,

You certainly will not make anything without a lot of hard work and some investment, and

Thirdly, 90% of what you see offered on the Internet as moneymaking programs are moneymaking only for the promoter.

So the question is, “How all does one make money on the Internet?” The answer really is simple - sell things that people want to buy! For most of us this is a very daunting thought. If you are going to sell something, you have to know where to buy it for less of a price than you sell it for so that you can make some money, you have to work out how to collect your money from the people who buy the product from you, and you have to work out how you are going to deliver the product. These problems are vexing and this is why eBay has been so successful. It solves most of those problems for you, but eBay has been so successful that many thousands of other people are already using that medium and as a result it's become very crowded and very difficult to get any visibility.

So what the total answer is I am not sure, but I certainly know a part of it. Very early in my internet days I came across a program run by Michael Russell out of Australia it's called MPAM. I know I have talked about it before, but I'm so convinced that it is one of the best available that I can’t help but continue to champion the cause.

What Michael Russell does in his program is he teaches you to understand the principles of niche marketing. What does this mean? Simply put, define an area that you know people will be interested in buying products then set up a website to precisely offer the products that they are looking for! Why does this work? Simple, because that's how search engines work. People tell search engines what they're looking for and the search engines send them to those websites which most closely meet the definition of the requirements input by the searcher. When you have a visitor to your website who is looking for precisely the products that you are offering, you have “niche marketing!” I'm trying to do it now and have a number of websites that are gradually building their visibility on the search engines and as a result my income is building also. And the best part is that Michael Russell has set up all the mechanisms to source and deliver the product, and collect the money for you.

So what's in it for me if you take my advice. Very simple, the bigger we build our network of people doing the same kind of thing and working together, the bigger the imprint we make on those nameless spiders that the search engines send out. It’s the old story, if it's a bigger pie, your slice of it is bigger. So come and join us, help us build the biggest pie so that all of us will benefit in the long run.

I've never met Michael Russell personally but he has responded to me on a number of occasions when I've had questions. That is another thing that is unique about this organization MPAM. All the key people understand that their success depends on all the member’s success. You will certainly find their responsiveness a great advantage. The program is not free but is comparatively inexpensive with others on the Internet and as I said before. If it's free that's as much as it is worth.


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