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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

MPAM does great for me

For a while now I have been commenting on how satisfied I have been with the training and advice provided by MPAM. [I don't think the letters have any meaning any more] When the program started out it was very much like a few others on the net emphasizing recruiting and getting a big list. This is no longer the case. The program still gives the basics of building your team but has a much greater emphasis on developing your website and making it “spider” friendly.

This part of the program is called the twenty steps course. It takes you by the hand and gives you specific detailed instructions on how to make money from your website. They just came out with a new development called EZtools which allows you to add blocks of ads for books and magazines and DVDs etc.

If this was all they offered it would be great, but it is not all. There is also a monthly program where members participate in buying and selling advertising and the program currently yields anything from 10 to 25% profit in the month.

Of course the program is not free but you can check it out for the first 30 days for a minimal one dollar, I think, but there's one thing for sure, this is the best value on the internet if you're serious about making it a business!

Incidently did I mention that the program is run by real people who actually personally answer their e-mails. The first time I got a personal e-mail from the owner I thought it was just a ruse but it has happened so many times and in such a personal way that there is no doubt in my mind that he and others in the club take a personal interest in all of the members. They have a bulletin board which answers his almost every question you can imagine and if you have a new one someone on answer within hours.

As you can see, icant speak highly enough of the program. I can just say again if you really mean to make money on the Internet this is a really good way to start. Check it out here is the link. http://10000hits.net/default.aspx?userid=1281370


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