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Monday, November 14, 2005

The great “search engine advertising” revolution.

If you want to know where the real money is being made on the internet today, you have only to understand the adwords revolution. Now, this is not putting google ads on your website and being paid pennies per click, no - this is search engine advertising, becoming an advertiser yourself. It is all about the keywords that real people as opposed to us internet junkies use to find things on the web.

I was at a Clubshop web meeting the other day, and one of the attendees was explaining her online business with sales of $175,000 per month. How was she doing it?

1) She was a member of Clubshop Mall.

2) She advertised her own links to clubshop vendors using search engine advertising campaigns like this:

Give the gift of love this holiday season! Yes, give that special child in your life the skill and love of reading. Learning is fun, but so much more. This gift they will remember always. Pre-school and up.

3) She collected her commissions and did it all over again.

Try it. I am certainly going to, in fact the above ad is on yahoo right now, and once I have mastered that, I will try google next! The example ad has keywords such as reading, remedial reading, even problem reading. I will report on progress.

Just incidentally, in the clubshop training manual there is a step by step guide to setting up your own search engine advertising campaign. Did I tell you it was free to join!


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